How To Leave Your Husband….

Or Wife…

Or Non Committed Partner….

Or Non Significant Other…


Welcome to the Gomez Girls.

Are you unhappy in your relationship?

Well then for F%$#’s sake do something about it.

You have three choices.

Make Up:

This involves expressing your feelings and your partner doing the same and then you can decide if you want to stay or go .

Don’t drag out the misery because you’re worn down.  If he’s a prick, tell him. If he’s a good bloke but you’ve just both lost your way, tell him.

Neither of you are mind readers. The other may be oblivious that you are unhappy and be devastated that they left you in sadness for so long.  Habit is the devil and it’s easy to blame the other person but if they are unaware, they can’t help.

I’m amazed when I’m out and about at how many couples snap at one another, how many dismiss the other’s opinion, how they have forgotten how to be nice to one another.

Find that happiness again or decide if it’s time to move on.

Wake UP:

Wake up to the possibility that your partner could be the best thing ever or decide that you deserve better.

If you love one another and there’s hope, make up. Love one another and be happy. Every relationship has their struggles and they can either bring you closer together or tear you apart.

Like the wonder twins, use the power of the struggle to activate a better future.

Break UP:


If you’ve tried making up, waking up and it’s not happening.. seek professional help and if that doesn’t help, break up. Move on gracefully and learn from the mistakes of your relationship.  Love may not be enough to keep you together and instead of it turning to hate because of frustration, move on.


Whatever your decision the main thing you need to do is LIVE.

No excuses….  don’t blame each other for that lost opportunity or wish you could change things. LIVE in the now because time is a precious gift and we can sometimes forget that it can end in a second.

Please note: I am not a relationship professional or expert in relationships. I am merely sharing my f&^%$ ups and what I have learned.

The Make-Up​, Break Up, Make Up, Live is the simplified​ way my brain works in pretty much all areas of my life.

Read my blog posts where I reveal the journey of my break up.

Share your stories and if you would like to guest post a relationship,  Make Up, Break Up, Make Up, Live story email me in the contact page.

Keep reading to find out why I’m called a Gomez Girl.

xo GG

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